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There is an ancient proverb that says, "It takes a village to raise a child."​ The Parenting Stuff Podcast team has over 70 years of collective wisdom in working with teens. Join Bryan, Chris, Jacob, Nick, Tim and Wayne as they discuss relevant issues of parenting as they inform, equip, and encourage you in your parenting journey.



Bryan is the youth pastor at Cross Creek Community Church. He and Melissa have worked with students in camping, education, and in church ministry. Bryan is a really cool guy... even if he is a Patriots fan! 



Chris is the lead pastor at New Life Assembly. He and Sam work with students in education and in church ministry. Chris is the most sensible of the team as he drives a Prius! 



Jake is the associate pastor at Nebo Baptist Church. He and Lacey have worked with students in education, as foster parents, and in church ministry. Jake was voted by the team as, "Most likely to think outside the box!"


Nick is the pastor of student ministries at Fellowship Church. He and Laura have worked in youth ministry as well as in college ministry in NEPA. Because of his experience, Nick brings serious logic to the conversation!



Tim is the station manager for WRGN Radio. He and Heather have worked with students in church ministry and are almost empty-nesters. You may think that Tim is the most sensible of the group... until he rolls up on his motorcycle in mid-winter! 



Wayne is the national ministries director for National Network of Youth Ministries. He and Karen have worked with students in para-church and church ministry & have been foster parents. Wayne thought he knew what youth ministry was all about... then his kids became teenagers! 

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